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The Night that I Cried…Father

11 February 2015

This has been some week and I am in one of those moods that I just want to hear a good slow song.  You ever want to just listen to a slow jam that has that funky lick, even funkier lyrics and rocking beat.  That groove that just makes you want to move.  You know […]

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What are the things standing between YOU and complete happiness??? from a Facebook post by BM

09 January 2015

For myself I have lived a full life and even longer than I ever thought. I am happy for me. With hard work and probably some luck, I retired younger than many to chill and enjoy life. It just isn’t as joyous or chill seeing my people the way we are today.  It is when […]

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The Hope of Preparing to be Ancestors

24 December 2014

There have been so many heavy issues of late.  This morning I read a post of some Sisters referencing how afraid they were for themselves and for Black males.  That touched me so I wanted to share this with them and you. Please take a moment to reflect on what our ancestors survived. Not only on surviving […]

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