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In Loving Memory of Mr. Sam Smith

09 February 2015

 In Loving Memory of Mr. Sam Smith   I had some bad news this morning from a good friend that read like this: “I just received a call from Sam Smith(‘s) Son Marshall .. Regrettably Samuel (Sam) Smith died this morning… I will provide details as they come available The news hit me like the […]

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We have to be resolute in non-violent and peaceful protests for if not we will become as bad as those who inflict harm upon us

20 December 2014

I am a supporter of peaceful protests, marches, rallies, sit-ins and other actions that bring the necessary attention of police abuses, brutality, shooting and killings of Black people. Those things need to be done and should continue. While being an organizer of adviser to others who are organizing I emphasize that we must be peaceful. […]

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Why Black People Riot, Loot, Burn and Destroy Their Communities

25 November 2014

Why do we (Black people) riot in and destroy our own communities? Many people have asked this question. I ask them, “have you ever cut yourself with a razor and suddenly threw the razor across the room or stubbed your toe and exclaimed words of a profane nature that is not normal of you to […]

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