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Announcement from US Senate Candidate Byron Georgiou

After thoughtful consideration, I have decided to terminate my campaign for the Democratic Party’s 2012 nomination for the United States Senate.  

I continue to believe that my background and experience well qualify me to serve in the Senate.  However, at this time, I have concluded that I can more effectively contribute to resolution of the serious economic issues facing our state and nation through my work in the private sector, in the areas of clean energy, healthcare information technology, and broadband development.  

I thank my many supporters, my staff, my friends and my family for their confidence in my candidacy.  

 With respect,  


Washington, DC – Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued this statement following today’s announcement by Byron Georgiou:

 “While Byron and I have had our differences in the past, I’m heartened by his decision today.  His is an important voice and perspective on the causes of the Financial Crisis.

 “Byron and his fellow Financial Crisis Inquiry Commissioners performed a significant public service by investigating and identifying for the President, the Congress and the American people the causes of the economic crisis that continues to grip our nation.  Their report remains the most comprehensive accounting of the causes of the crisis and what we should do to avoid a repetition.  Byron’s decision allows him to focus even more of his energy, time and considerable talents on what he is obviously very passionate about—ensuring that what happened never happens again.

 “Byron has had a diverse and distinguished career in business, law and public service.  I have the highest regard for his professional expertise, and am confident that Byron will continue to contribute to Nevada and America in the years to come.”


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