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We are at a Point in History by Assemblywoman Dina Neal

We are at a point in history, where being silent is unacceptable. The statements made today, stand as a record that comes after us. That when we leave this building and we are no longer serving; that our words and the way in which we deliberated will stand on its words and the only merit given, will be the words that stand on the journal pages. I made the decision, that on this historic vote. I needed my presence to be felt and I needed it to be understood.
Courage is something found…it is not given. There are times when as an elected individual you have to stand on your own conscience. You have to find the courage to stand alone or the courage to stand with someone. You have to hold fast to what you believe and not be MOVED.
I received emails that called me a racist because of my decision; but this body and the public need to understand, that I examined my allegiance to the Nevada Constitution. Upon my examination, I found that my allegiance to the Constitution was paramount and very real. Furthermore that I respected Article 4, Sect 6; however unpleasant the task may have been.
I have an allegiance to constitutional law, but I also have an allegiance to the breadth and width it provided me, that allowed me to determine that I had within my rights to review the degrees of discipline offered to me.
My decision today is being made because I understand the power, the depth, and the width of it.
I understand that the Expulsion is the highest disciplinary form that this body can deliver. I believe in degrees of discipline. I also understand that the action is nothing short of political death on all levels whether it is expulsion or suspension.
I cannot move for the action of Expulsion. I cannot move for that action, because I believe in the human form in all its frailties and in all of its faults. I also believe in the power of human recovery.
I believe in it so deeply that I cannot be moved from the depth of what it means to have the audacity to hope.
I believe that are degrees of discipline and based on the confidential records I saw. My decision remains, that Steven be suspended from this body.


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