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Urgent Call to Action – AD17 Appointment


As you probably know, the Board of County Commissioners will decide next Tuesday, April 16th at 9:30 a.m. who will represent Assembly District 17 and replace Assemblyman Steven Brooks.  Why is this so important…

In our view, the decision made on April 16th can decide whether or not State Government continues to have a diverse representation of the Nevada electorate.  Currently, African Americans have four representatives on the floor of the Assembly.  One of which will be termed out at the end of this session, another in two years (should he be re-elected).  With the re-districting in 2010 there is a good chance that one or possibly two of these representatives will be replaced by someone other than an African American and therefore this seat is critical. (See attached letter for more explanations.)

It is important to note that during re-districting our State and local governments considered ALL communities of interest when drawing the lines, to ensure that everyone had an opportunity to have representation in all levels of government as required by our Federal Government.  If you recall, we had many discussions concerning the African American urban core.  Assembly District 17 sits in that core and is in fact the third largest district of African Americans living in Clark County. And in fact, African Americans represent the largest minority voting eligible population at 8,857 and 20.32% of the population in this District.  See attached report for sources of information.

What can you do to make a difference…

Call and Email each of the County Commissioners by this Friday at the phone number and email below.  Let them know how important their decision is and the importance of appointing an African American candidate as elected by the electorate in AD17.

Listen to Assemblyman Steven Brooks and hear more on this issue.  Join me and other guests in the discussion.

Attend the Candidate Forum (event flyer attached) to meet the candidates applying for this position, learn a little more about their platform and issues important to them, and ask questions from the audience. We want to have a good showing from our community on Monday, April 15th at 6pm and also on Tuesday, April 16th at 9:15 a.m. at the County Commission meeting where they will make a decision.

Can we count on you today to take a few minutes and support this Call To Action?

Chair, Board of Commissioners
District A – Commissioner Steve Sisolak
(702) 455-3500

District B – Commissioner Tom Collins
(702) 455-3500

Vice Chair, Board of Commissioners
District C – Commissioner Larry Brown
(702) 455-3500

District D – Commissioner Lawrence Weekly
(702) 455-3500

District E – Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani
(702) 455-3500

District F – Commissioner Susan Brager
(702) 455-3500

District G – Commissioner Mary Beth Scow
(702) 455-3500

Go to Clark County website to view each application


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