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What is Being Revealed From the Leaked Conversations Between Donald Sterling and his Alleged Mistress, V. Stiviano (With NBA Sanctions Update)


The NAACP and other Civil Rights Orgs like NAN may have to walk a fine line on the issue, of L.A. Clipper Owner and Billionaire Donald Sterling and his alleged racist remarks, to keep from having the covers pulled back on their funding operations and awards selections process.  Most don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them.  The image awards are held where and sponsored by whom?   Is it Black corporations and people that fund civil rights orgs or is it white and other non- Black companies that fund those awards lunches and dinners?   This might just turn out be an unveiling of the funding behind the curtain and how it affects the overall machine.

Makes you wonder where our Black media has been all of this time since this is not the first time Mr. Sterling has been involved with racial issues.  Everyone read the stories and heard the news of his housing issues and the large sum he paid, right?  Wasn’t it the biggest in history at the time of the payment?  Maybe you didn’t hear it from Black media since it is almost non-existence.  Oh that’s right, Black media has suffered from some of the same funding issues as our civil rights orgs if not more so.  Not enough Black businesses buy ads to support the publishing of newspapers, magazine or broadcast on radio.  Notice there was no mention of television.  Another example of why it is important for all groups to own and support their own media.  In this case it is Black people owning and supporting their media.
To read more about the Housing law suit and other allegations, click here

Here’s something for those that have come down hard on the Black Basketball players for not walking out. They are employees and some with mega million dollar contracts but they are employees none the less and more over they are under contract. Wonder if their contracts have a clause of walkouts if the owner is a racist … After all, if Mr. Sterling is a racist it isn’t necessary against the law. Also, how many of those demanding the players’ walkout, work for majority owned businesses and corporations and are willing to walk off? Remember the Trayvon Martin case and the call for a boycott on Florida? Remember how well that worked? It didn’t because many Blacks work in Florida for majority owned businesses and corporations. Those folks would have been hurt just as bad if not worst then those that would have been boycotted. Remember, “Those living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

There have been some big names that are normally silent on these types of issues that have spoken up. Michael Jordan made at least one comment and Magic Johnson, with a more robust comment, spoke out. It is good to see these luminaries in the sport speak up and against this type of behavior. Does beg the question of where have they been since this is not new to Sterling or his organization. He had a case with NBA great Elgin Baylor of which there were racial overtones.
To read more of the Elgin Baylor story, click here.
For Michael Jordan’s remarks click here.
For magic’s comments and others, click here.

What is the responsibility of Black people for greater self determination? Mr. Sterling seemed to think that he gives his players a league to play in, the clothes on their backs, houses to live in and the money in their pockets. A former NBA great ponders the creation of a Black Basketball League. How about that for self determination?
To find out who that former NBA great is, click here.

Let’s not lose focus on the man himself for the alleged racist comments he may have made. If the comments are actually attributed to him, what will be done about it to make a systemic change? Is he the only owner in the league that feels this way?  In his comments to V. Stiviano, his alleged Mistress, Mr. Sterling did say others were calling him when she is seen with Black people…
Who is V. Stiviano?  Click here.


Story Update:
Clippers owner Donald Sterling banned for life by NBA
To read news story and watch video, click here

NBA commissioner Silver writes letter to fans after banning Clippers owner
To read news story and watch video, click here


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