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Memorial Day 2014; May We Never Forget!

I share a picture with you of one of our fallen and one of me, with my late Mother, just before being awarded a Purple Heart.

Master Sergeant Bill McDaniel was a neighbor, friend and fellow Brother in arms. Memorial Day is a special time for us to reflect on those that have made, “the ultimate sacrifice so that others may live.” I wonder how many actually reflect on that…. Hopefully more do as we contemplate that it is estimated just 1percent of Americans serve with just 3 percent directly related to our service men and women.  Less than 5 percent! Maybe more important I hope our congress and other political entities weigh this hard before ever committing other Americans to fight another war or conflict.

Just as we remember our fallen let us not forget those that have returned to us not as they left who may have physical injuries, unlike any other war, they must live with.  Then there are those with wounds not so easy to see.  Maybe it is PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) or a combination of the two.  I have them both.  Not only does this impacts the person injured but the care givers to them.  Often times family and close friends for the lucky one.  That is the human cost but there is also a capital cost. Whatever the wars cost to execute the medial costs are projected to be a staggering one Trillion dollars alone!

From the ranks of the one percent will come those who make the ultimate sacrifice and pay the ultimate cost for sure but as Americans we will all pay something one way or the other.

Today we Honor, Recognize and Salute those who have paid the ultimate price. May We Never Forget!

“Taps” performed by United States Army Band Bugler in Arlington

For those who have never seen it: Full Military Honors Arlington National Cemetery


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