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The Hope of Preparing to be Ancestors

There have been so many heavy issues of late.  This morning I read a post of some Sisters referencing how afraid they were for themselves and for Black males.  That touched me so I wanted to share this with them and you.

Please take a moment to reflect on what our ancestors survived. Not only on surviving but doing the most and best they could in spite of their circumstance. A part of that was hope for their progeny.

We are that progeny. They survived the hell of the Passage and then they survived the hell of an existence in chattel slavery. After all of that, they survived Jim Crow which was during my lifetime. I survived it.  I live with one foot in the past of Jim Crow and now and one foot in today. I am third generation freeborn. I am here to tell you that we are strong and even unstoppable when Sisters and Brothers are together. That is how our ancestors survived chattel slavery and Jim Crow, they did it together.  This is our generation’s time to come together for strength and to be unstoppable once again.

Our ancestors poured everything they had into their children preparing them for that day they knew would come. They had hope but they made sure we were prepared for when their hope was realized.  Remember our ancestors. Draw strength from them. They did the same from their ancestors:  never giving up, always with hope, always preparing.

Let us change our focus from us and put it on those we will one day be the ancestors of. Working our purpose and preparing, never losing hope will carry us through too


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