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What are the things standing between YOU and complete happiness??? from a Facebook post by BM

For myself I have lived a full life and even longer than I ever thought. I am happy for me. With hard work and probably some luck, I retired younger than many to chill and enjoy life. It just isn’t as joyous or chill seeing my people the way we are today.  It is when I think of my people that the happy face turns sad.

Seeing my people unify to do the things necessary to be self determinant, not needing white people or other groups to survive would bring that happiness.  Even seeing greater effort in that regard might do it.

I would be happy seeing my people valuing their lives, their children and their bodies more than we do today.

I would be happy to see my people doing more with their lives today in freedom than our ancestors did with their’s in slavery and Jim Crow

I would be happy to see Sisters and Brothers stop warring with each other and realize we are still slaves in the eyes of many and in the same boat. Our people can and will not survive with a chance for self determination for our progeny if we don’t figure this out.

I am optimistic that it can still happen but I am also a realist that knows the clock is ticking backwards and quicker with each subsequent generation.


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