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The Night that I Cried…Father

This has been some week and I am in one of those moods that I just want to hear a good slow song.  You ever want to just listen to a slow jam that has that funky lick, even funkier lyrics and rocking beat.  That groove that just makes you want to move.  You know that song you can just hit continue and listen to again and again dancing in the dark thinking about times gone by.

 That song that brings up the emotion inside that needs to get out but for whatever reason it hasn’t come out yet.  Mr. Smith leaving this earthly plane has me all in a funk that I am having problems getting out of.  I didn’t grow up with a Father and in my mind Mr. Smith had been that Father that I hoped I would have had growing up.  That guy that everyone knows in the community and respects him for all the good that he does.

 I am not a very emotional guy and don’t cry hardly ever.  Don’t try to hold it back unless I have to keep it together for others.  It just isn’t what I do.  I am from the South originally on the farm and later from Bed Stuy.  Men just didn’t cry.  Well tonight I am all alone and don’t have to be there for no one but me.

 I heard this song earlier today on KCEP 88.1 while coming from Henderson.  I could feel the emotion rising but I was driving so I had to keep striving.  Leela James – Say That ft. Anthony Hamilton.

 It isn’t the words so much but the groove and the emotion the Grove and lick provokes.  It is with that old school flavor and emotion that they are singing it and the musicians are playing.  This is how they use to do it in the sixty’s that still sounds good today.  I am just swaying in the dark letting this joint play again and again thinking of being thirteen and wanting a Father.  A Father just to watch me do anything and say he was proud of me and call me son.  When I met Mr. Sam Smith he was that man I saw as my Father when I was Thirteen. I remember that night because I cried.

Mr. Smith, You said we should always be excellent I wanted to be excellent for you and I wanted you to be proud of me like a Father would be of a son. I don’t mind telling the whole world tonight that I miss that man!  Yes, I am dancing in the dark Crying…


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