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Black People Must Exercise their Political Power


Black People Must Exercise their Political Power

Definition of political power: An authority held by a group within a society that allows for the administration
of public resources and implement policies for society.

Maybe we have to recognize that we have it first.
We have to project our status forward. In roughly 2050, if not sooner, Asians will over take Latino Hispanics in population. That will move Black people down another rung on the most populace minority list. We see how hard they are going for the Latino/Hispanic community to get their vote. This will mean more attention will be focused on Asians as a voting block and it should be. When Blacks were the largest minority it was done for us. Now that Latino/Hispanics have overtaken us it is being done for them as it will be when Asians overtake us both

In Nevada and other states, we already see how the political dynamics are changing with increasing political participation from Latino/Hispanics. Blacks are almost to the point of not having the numbers to get a congressional seat and losing ground on attaining City Council, School Board, County Commission and higher offices.

It is imperative for Blacks to exercise what political clout we do have to obtain and solidify gains while we still can. If not, we may find ourselves in a powerless position in a democracy.

For those that say, “we need to focus on economics exclusively.” please keep in mind that politics can take your money, property and any thing else you have. Remember Black Wall Street. They had it together economically but politics took it away and they were not the only Black community where this has happened. We have to do them both, economics and politics. Even for these to work we must have strong families!
Other populations are increasing primarily through immigration. We have no country to bring in more African Americans as our genesis is here. All other groups do. Once we strengthen our families we will have to have more children if we want to gain and maintain political power.

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