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A Letter to Veterans, a Combat Wounded Marine, Reuben D’Silva in honor of the US Marine Corps Birthday and Veterans Day

You are the next generation, just as I was to those that came before me, that I hope I set a positive example of how to wear our countries colors and to serve this great nation of ours in the good times and bad. 

I put you on the cover of Our Own Voices so you would be the example to your next generation and in recognition of the US Marine Corps Birthday.  I wanted everyone to know that you served in combat and shed blood for them. Just as you served away you also brought that training back home to continue your service.  We need more of our military both active and Veterans to do the same.  This is of particular importance to our minority communities.  Since we can destroy and rebuild a country I know we can improve our communities back home. 

Reuben, in honor of your sacrifice, other veterans and those that wear the Purple Heart, I ask all veterans that can, to bring that sense of military service, commitment and ‘can do’ attitude back home to your communities.  Just as we read to students in faraway lands to teach them English, I implore you to go to your local school for 1 hour a month or more and read to a child.  Whatever your level of expertise and your comfort zone is, let’s share it right here in the U S A.  Our country is calling us to service one more time.  She needs us.  Will you answer the call? 

Although I am senior in age and rank, you are my hero and I don’t mind letting everyone know…as a matter I fact, I did for all those that read the mag and visit the site. 
Semper Fi!





Semper Fidelis  “Always Faithful”.


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  1. Rodney says:

    Tea Partiers Explain What Makes Them Boil

    When I watched the news about the Tea Party at first I thought it was a fad or even a ploy by the Republicans to say things that might get them in trouble otherwise. After reading this article I am beginning to feel that these folks maybe …sticking around for a while. What gives me this impression is that they seem to be upset with both parties even though they are definitely conservatives. With only 28% of Americans believing that their representatives listen to them, should the Tea Party movement be a surprise? Here’s a couple more for you: did the Dems have their own “Tea Party” when they picked Sen. Obama over Sen. Clinton” the establishment candidate and will more members of both parties switch to Independents and booster the Independent party to become a real force in American politics? Lastly, Should both parties move closer to the center and if not, will this grow the “Tea Party movement on both sides to push them closer to the center?

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