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The many faces of Yoga

Posted on 15 December 2009 by Rodney

By Theodore Ransaw

Let’s face it; sometimes we just don’t pay attention to anything that isn’t strictly familiar. I think that causes us to miss out on some things. Take Yoga for example. When we hear the word Yoga, most of us paint images in our mind of some strange looking person doing weird stretches, lighting incense, and praying to an Eastern deity. But, the truth is, doing Yoga can be very cool. Hip people like Russell Simmons, KRS One, RZA (of Wu Tang Clan fame) and even Madonna are doing it.
Despite appearances, Yoga does not promote any specific religion at all. The word Yoga means to link back to your creator. By its very definition, Yoga is non-dogmatic. In fact, it can complement any religion or faith that you might be currently practicing. With no prayer to a statue or a physical representation of an individual, the spiritual journey lies within. One can more easily see a maker that looks like him or herself, when they turn to look at the inside.
Look at the face of a woman that does Yoga, and you’ll see the face of a woman with a healthy body image. Yoga not only promotes weight loss, lowers your blood pressure, and improves concentration; Yoga also boosts your self-esteem. Not to mention that Yoga increases your self-awareness and sex drive. Nothing stimulates my body more than a Yoga class, and a quick shower! Being around other healthy bodies is invigorating.
So, why the sudden popularity among some of our more innovative thinkers? Yoga is just plain relaxing. In today’s crazy world, everyone can appreciate something that helps them to relax. It can also help you find meaning in your everyday life. The most well known posture is called the Lotus pose. Like the great metaphor of life that it is, the Lotus rises out of the mud water of the Nile, and opens its petals to face the day fresh and new every morning. In other words, with determination you can rise above anything.
So the next time you find yourself curious about a Yoga class, indulge yourself, go and find out more about it. You might just find yourself a new and friendly face. I know I did.


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  1. Thanks for the post. I thought it was awesome.

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