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The Power of Family

Posted on 15 December 2009 by Rodney

By Col. Gerald Curry

All of us have family that, hopefully, we appreciate. Many times we may find ourselves not really appreciating our family for all that they do, or have done, until something adverse occurs and it prompts us back to reality. Long before we could care for ourselves, it was our family that was there providing the care and love that we need to exist and survive. It is our family that knows our deepest secrets, and will typically hold us to task when we are lingering too far out on the fringes and need a good dose of grounding.

In the toughest of times, it’s typically the family that we call upon to come to our aid and resolve problems. Many times we find ourselves not getting along with family members, for one reason or another. In the final analysis, however, it seems like the family is the one source that we can always count on. Our family members may not give us what we want when we think we need it, but they normally will give us exactly what we need in keeping us focused.

There is power within your family, and it is now time for you to tap into it and enjoy every fabric of your legacy. Our families are rich in history and unfortunately we normally can only reach back to maybe two generations in recounting stories and significant events. Many times our elders die without sharing meaningful events that occurred in their life. Take time out to visit your older relatives and inquire about their lives. I am sure they will be glad to share their stories with you. Take a tape or voice recorder along with you with the commitment of putting their story onto a DVD or CD. These stories will bring more meaning to family reunions, church gatherings, or other family events.

By learning more about your family you create the platform to learn more about yourself, the strength of character that lies within you, the opportunity to identify significant economic or academic growth from previous generations, and perhaps the chance to peer into your future. The old adage of “the fruit does not fall far from the tree,” may hold true in analyzing your past. Family pride is created when you know your family’s history.

If you cannot track down your family’s ancestry, start where you can, even if that is only with your immediate family. From this point forward, you will start documenting key events and accomplishments for future generations to provide clarity and enjoyment. Many people in America can only reach back to a few generations, which still appear to be sketchy at best. Tap into ancestry software that will guide your search in acquiring legal documents, and other sources that will assist your research quest. This type of search will not provide you with the rich stories that breathe life into our existence, only a list of important family files. To gain the indebt stories of your family’s past I invite you to sit with older friends that might have insight of unique occurrences that brings greater understanding to activities and events.

Learn your history. Celebrate the fact that you only have one family, and that this family is uniquely yours. Whether you come from an accomplished family or not, this is the family in which you were born; so take pride in it. As you begin to write and document your family’s history, you will learn all types of important, humorous, and uncanny things that will be cherished by your family from this point forward.

Creating a family legacy is vitally important as it pertains to passing on economic and medical history. Instilling financial intelligence and stability is achievable by paying bills and stopping the financial hemorrhaging that occurs when one generation passes on huge financial debt to the next. You have the power to stop this practice of debt transfer, and instead pass on wealth. If you come from a family that has always endured difficult financial times, make a commitment that you will end this cycle of poverty and start your family down a different path. Start anew by learning financial literacy and investing techniques, purchasing your home, or creating a business. There is no better period in history than now to make this financial leap. So find the professional help that is required and set yourself and your family on a new beginning.

Our DNA is inherited from past generations to the next, making medical history vitally important. If high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, or other diseases exist in your family then future generations need to be made aware. You can be the one to start a system of documenting your family’s medical history to pass on. What better gift to impart to future generations by no longer having to guess, doubt, or debate the occurrence of an untimely death of a loved one. Create a file of death certificates of everyone in your family. Better yet, create a file with a copy of birth, marriage, and death certificates of everyone in your family. This will be the start of your family history library that will become the source of factual history for years to come.

There is power in your family that is waiting to be untapped. So contact the elders and matriarchs in your family and start recording their stories today and learn the amazing treasures of your family’s past. Future generations will be glad you took an interest in moving your family forward by documenting its’ legacy. The power of your family needs to be told and you need to be the one to archive it. If you are taking this on as a personal project and need assistance in getting started contact us at Perfection Academy by writing to Your family will be glad you did!


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